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Vía verde por el río Serpis Destacado

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All over Spain old railway tracks have been converted into “green ways”, excellent hiking/biking routes. This delightful track follows the Serpis river on the Alicante – Valencia border.

Estacion Castillo

Know as “el tren de los ingleses”, the line was built by the Alcoy and Gandía Railway and Harbour Company in the 19th century. It linked 

Gandía port with the industries of the interior, but the last wagon rolled in 1969.

You can walk all 40 kilometres from Muro de Alcoy to Gandía but the most interesting section runs from km 16 near the village of Lorcha, or L’Orxa, towards Villalonga. High above Lorcha station stands a crumbling castle, originally built by the Moors but – in 1288 – taken over by the Knights Templar.


Plunging thought tunnels, the trail enters a steep-sided gorge known as the Barranco del Infierno. Tumbling alongside is the Serpis, home of ki

blackberry bushes grow along the banks.ngfishers, trout, carp and fresh-water shrimp (“gambeta amb bledes” is a popular local dish). Poplars, tamarisks and 

At km 24 stand a monument to the Virgin. A shepherd found the image in a wooden box, which miraculously had travelled upriver. From here you can continue five kilometers to the town of Villalonga, or retrace your steps.

Lorcha is 85 kilometres from Alicante. Take the A7 to Alcoy, then the N340 to Muro de Alcoy, then the CV705 to Beniarrés.

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